Institute of Management in Latin America, University of St.Gallen

About the Institute

Following its internationalization strategy, the University of St.Gallen has an established presence in the Latin American region since 2011. GIMLA stands for "St.Gallen Institute of Management in Latin America." It is an institute affiliated with the University of St.Gallen (HSG) in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2022, the institute expanded to Medellin, Colombia.
GIMLA fosters academic partnerships between St.Gallen and Latin American institutions through various programs, research projects, events, and educational initiatives. It aims to contribute to developing high-quality professionals and promote academic exchanges between Switzerland and Latin America.

For the students

For the students

GIMLA offers several benefits to students of St. Gallen:

  • International Awareness: Through academic partnerships, research collaborations, and exchange programs with Latin American institutions, students can broaden their horizons and expand their networks across borders. These connections with professionals, academics, and experts in Latin American business provide students with career opportunities, internships, and mentorship programs, enhancing their knowledge and life experience.
  • Educational Programs: GIMLA offers various educational programs, such as Latam Term, St. Gallen Connection, and EMBE Brazil, designed to enhance students' academic experiences and professional development. These programs provide access to unique learning opportunities tailored to the Latin American context.
  • Research Opportunities: As a research hub, GIMLA fosters interdisciplinary collaborations across borders. Students have opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research projects to gain hands-on experience in addressing real-world challenges in Latin America and innovating in new projects' development.
  • Cultural Exchange: GIMLA promotes cultural exchange and understanding between Switzerland and Latin America Through activities and events. Students immerse themselves in rich Latin America's cultural heritage while sharing their experiences with their peers.

Overall, GIMLA enriches the educational experience of St. Gallen students by providing them with a platform to engage with diverse perspectives, broaden their horizons, and develop skills relevant to the globalized world.

Institute's Highlights

The Impact of Chinese Investments in the Brazilian Amazon

The Role of Real Estate Developers in Urban Development

Real estate developers are central agents of change and influence urban development throughout the world.

Smart Cities and Urban Innovation

Smart cities are increasingly discussed in Latin America and seen as a new urban paradigm to answer the development challenges in the 21st century.

Social Environmental Enterpreneurship

Slum Upgrading and the Role of the Informal Economy

Almost a billion people live in slums and many more are inadequately housed. Affordable Housing is one of the great development challenges of our time.

Negotiating the Amazon