Our offer for HSG Staff

Teaching a Capstone Project

Teaching a Capstone is a great opportunity to combine a shorter stay at our institute.

Teaching a Tandem Course

Teaching Tandems allow to coordinate course content across the Atlantic to enrich learning experience.

Enjoy a Sabbatical in Latin America

Our institute can be a great destination for a sabbatical.

Other Opportunities

Other forms of collaborations can be envisioned.

Teaching at our Partner Universities

HSG staff have the opportunity to teach courses and block seminars at our partner universities in Latin America. Such teaching collaborations have already been tested with the FGV-EAESP, where the institute director co-teaches an introductory class. Interested HSG staff can contact our institute, which will support such endeavours. The seed money modalities of the Leading House are great ways to craft new partnerships and test ideas.

Research Collaborations

Transatlantic research collaborations are strongly growing, also supported by larger funding calls. Our institute can support HSG staff by identifying suitable opportunities, collaboration partners, and providing inputs to grant proposals.

Other Forms of Collaboration

Latin America has much to offer and our institute supports exchange between researchers and teaching staff between the region and the University of St.Gallen. Sabbaticals, work-shops, and executive education are great opportunities to establish new- or strengthen exist-ing bonds.