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1.   You have the opportunity to study at one of the world’s best think tanks

The Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) is a Brazilian think tank and higher education institution founded in 1944, dedicated to promoting Brazil’s economic and social development. At present,FGV is considered the best-managed think tank in the world, the top-ranked in Latin America and the 3rd best in the world (The Global Go To Think Tank Index Report issued by the University of Pennsylvania 2020).

The School of Business Administration (Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo), where the Latam Term is embedded, is one of the ten FGV Schools. FGV EAESP has had a long tradition of preparing leaders for academia, businesses, government, and non-profit organizations, offering business management and public administration undergraduate and graduate programs.

FGV EAESP is a leading research institution in Brazil. The School’s 21 Applied Research Centers couple academia with practice which keeps a constant flow of knowledge between both. FGV EAESP’s leadership position is demonstrated by the renowned quality of its published articles, its doctoral programs, and its numerous local and international collaboration and partnership agreements.

2.   You can have a true Latin American experience

São Paulo is a hub and a doorway for travellers to Latin America. The City (Congonhas) and International (Guarulhos) airports have frequent and rather affordable flights to all Brazilian and Latin American capital cities and many more points of interest. In Brazil, you may also travel by car or by interstate bus. Brazil has amazing natural wonders such as forests, mountains, plateaus, or beaches, and is home to many natural and cultural heritage sites (23 with UNESCO world heritage status). The latest addition is the mixed culture and biodiversity site of Paraty and Ilha Grande, just a few hours by car from São Paulo.

Great opportunities to visit other countries on the continent are Latam Compacts. Such are study trips are organized as additional elective courses that take place during the Spring break period in order to provide unique thematic immersion experiences.  The precise destinations and topics are carefully selected each year, former and upcoming Compacts focused on Social Entrepreneurship in the Brazilian Amazon, Innovation Ecosystem and Smart Cities Santiago de Chile, and Coca, Cacao and Coffee in Colombia’s Projects for Sustainability and Peace.

3.   You are supported by a local team

Our institute has a local presence in Sao Paulo and our dedicated team will help you to maximize your term experience. The city, country, and Latin American region have
much to offer in terms of destinations, experiences, and opportunities and we will assist you whenever possible.

4.   You receive a unique cultural exchange experience in a dynamic city

São Paulo is one of the most diverse cities in the world. It hosts the largest diasporas of Japanese, Italian and Lebanese people whose traditions influence the characteristics of several neighbourhoods such as Bixiga for the Italians and Liberdade for the Japanese. There are a plethora of things to do, which should not come as a surprise given that the city has 1.5 times the population of Switzerland. Cultural highlights include the MASP, the Beco do Batman and the Ibirapuera Park with numerous free attractions.

People interested in gastronomy will be delighted by the local offer. Paulistanos consume more than 1 million pizzas and 400 thousand sushi per day. These blend seamlessly with local specialities such as feijoada, açaí, moquecas (fish stew in clay pots), and churrasco (the world-famous Brazilian BBQ).

São Paulo hosts more than 150 museums and numerous cultural events and festivals. The most famous two are undoubtedly Carnival and the Pride Parade (the largest LGBT street festival in the world) but there is so much more to see and do. 

5.   You can stay a full year abroad by combining exchange semesters

A term is a unique exchange experience that can easily be combined with a second semester abroad. Latam Term students can apply for an exchange semester, the Asia Term, or organize by themselves a freemover exchange semester in the Fall semester preceeding the Latam Term. Detailed Information about the application process can be found on the HSG Mobility website.

6.   You can obtain an international work experience

São Paulo has a very active entrepreneurial environment (3 times more businesses than in Switzerland) that also reflects high dynamism in the start-up and innovation scene. Several Swiss institutions (Swisscam, Swiss Business Hub, Swissnex) are engaged in tapping into these market opportunities and our institute is actively supporting such intersectoral knowledge transfer, inserting the Latam Term as part of this environment.

We encourage Latam Term students to add an internship experience to their exchange and facilitate the entire process, from identifying suitable organizations to the signing of the contract.

7.   You do not have to worry about the crediting process

An additional advantage of the Latam Term is that the courses embedded in the partner university pass a streamlined crediting process at the HSG ensured and assisted by our institute, guaranteeing that students pursue their academic lives with a minimum of bureaucracy.

Our course crediting transfer list is based on previous student choices. It gives you precise information on what kind of credits (compulsory, core-elective, elective, area of concentration, skills, etc.) you obtain for which kind of course. The list shows this information for each study direction (BBW, BVWL, BIA, BLE, BLaw) and is growing between terms, currently, we have more than 43 pre-approved courses.

8.   You can strengthen your CV by various extra-curricular activities

Our institute is well-embedded in the Swiss ecosystem and Latam Term students benefit from such close ties. The Swiss consulate, swissnex, and the Swiss Business Hub are regularly organizing events that might be of interest. Furthermore, the HSG Alumni Club in Brazil is an active network of former HSG students who have chosen the region to become self-starter entrepreneurs or to local-ly represent some of the most established businesses from Europe. We organize social gatherings to bring term students in contact with the Alumni club, to learn from their experience and eventually connect the dots for our mentorship and internship program.

Latam Term students are also encouraged to contribute to the local communities through volunteering activities organized in cooperation with local NGOs and international organizations. Activities might range from spending a weekend with Teto and Habitat for Humanity building houses for low-income families, assisting with the logistics of donations and intercultural communication for refugees at the São Paulo Chapter of the Red Cross, producing desktop research for the town hall to advance SDG integration into planning frameworks. More volunteering opportunities are communicated to the students on a rolling basis.

9.   You will become a change maker and have a certificate to proof it

The Latam Term is much more than an exchange program. It is designed to promote cooperation between excellence in education and the capacity to produce real-world impact. Consulting and volunteering activities are built-in into the programme. The semi-structured curriculum of the Term is the perfect balance between core courses and the freedom to choose from a variety of elective topics that connects you to your inner drives and career ambitions.

FGV and HSG have a lot of commonalities in the way they approach education and research. Our institute is here to make sure you get the most out of both worlds. Students who successfully complete the Term will receive a certificate jointly signed by the partner university.

Go beyond! Become a change maker.

10.   You become part of a growing network of like-minded people

Each term student becomes part of a supportive network of like-minded people. We have created a social media group and will invite former term students to regular meetings in St.Gallen.  In 2 years we tripled our social media followers and hope to stay in touch with you well beyond your exchange semester.
Since 2021, our partner university is also sending their students for the St.Gallen Connection to the HSG, which is the pendant to the Latam Term. You will be the first Latam Term students who can benefit from structural exchange with FGV students. In the Fall semester preceding your exchange to Brazil, you will meet St.Gallen Connection students (if you are at the HSG), and the same students will be with you in Sao Paulo.

Interested ?

Bachelor students from all majors are invited to apply. The ideal applicant shows a strong interest in investigating the diversity and richness of Latin American cultures, societies, economic and political landscapes, in understanding the challenges and opportunities of emerging markets and in developing knowledge about north-south and south-south relations.

All important information is provided on this website. If questions remain, meet us at one of the regular info sessions or send us an email.