- 26.05.2023 - 09:35 

Capstone Final Presentation

Our students taking the Capstone Project at the FGV EAESP presented the results of their consulting project at Mattos Filho’s headquarters in São Paulo.

Over the course of the semester and under the supervision of course lecturer Dr. Dario Ramon Buschor, four groups composed of FGV and HSG students worked for three months with Mattos Filho, the leading and largest law firm in Brazil. The groups were tasked with finding a solution to a problem that most if not all law firms find themselves confronted with: how can law firms make sure that their legal services are priced efficiently and fairly while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction?

With no background in legal studies, our capstone students produced very different solutions by coming up with suggestions, combining different approaches, and leveraging the already existing potential of our project partner Mattos Filho. We want to thank Mattos Filho, especially Pablo Sorj, Vanessa Alessandra Gregorio Trindade, and Fernando Narimatsu for their ongoing collaboration and support. We also want to congratulate the students for their effort and dedication throughout the semester.