- 30.05.2023 - 09:00 

Anniversary of the Skat Foundation

Our Institute joins in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Skat Foundation!

Skat Foundation embodies the spirit of working on global challenges but with a keen sensibility and attention to local specificities and needs. Last week the Foundation celebrated its 20th anniversary. Our institute wishés the SKAT team many more years of a positive footprint in this beautiful world that we share, for the sake of present and future generations. Do you know SKAT is involved in knowledge dissemination, training, and project implementation related to Global Water Challenges? Together with the Rural Water Resources Network, they manage a community of practice that feeds on South-South, South-North-South, mutual learnings which are of great value to help us reach SDG 6 and guarantee water as a human right for all. Thank you, SKAT, for partnering with us professors and students of the Universität St.Gallen (HSG) as you go about realizing your mission. It has been a privilege!